Louis Armstrong

The Harlem Renaissance was may be one the most important movements of African-American history in America. During the 1920’s people of color faced many difficulties and the way of the ways of expressing their cultural opinions from racism was through music. The man that had a major impact in African-American life was Louis Armstrong, a man with a heart and a trumpet. He brought the art of a man making music with just himself with the era of jazz beginning. His lyrics spoke the truth about the Harlem Renaissance for African-Americans that white people chose to look the other way. Not only did his music make an impact on others, but also his actions changed the way racism was looked at.Unknown

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2 Responses to Louis Armstrong

  1. 16oka says:

    Annabelle, I really liked your piece on Louis Armstrong quite interesting and informative. What made you decide to talk about him?

  2. 16oka says:

    Annabelle, I really liked this piece.. I liked the aspect of music that you tied into this using the picture to depict that. How did you across this artist and what made you decide to cover him?

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