The “Jungle” Hero

The Harlem Renaissance was one of the biggest civil rights movements for African American people during early 1900s. Music was a great part of it, more specifically, Duke Ellington. His music not only uncovered his talents, however it also spoke for the equal contribution of African American culture to the society in comparison to white culture. One of the venues he played at was called Cotton Club. It was a “whites-only” nightclub located in Harlem, New York. Ellington’s performances were documented by white audience as “jungle music” thus discrimination played a huge role. Nonetheless the club offered a huge broadcasting opportunity for Ellington, which significantly contributed to his nation-wide success. Duke Ellington is a hero because he knew the importance of the goal, sacrificed his pride and went through many hardships to achieve it.

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2 Responses to The “Jungle” Hero

  1. 16dmg says:

    I like that you point out that he had to face adversity and discrimination but persevered. My question is how did he get a job at a whites only club if he were black?

  2. 16jk says:

    I liked your specific description about Duke Ellington and his effects to African American culture.
    Do you really like his music?

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