Williston Was a Great Host Today!

Williston were great hosts during our warm-up and match. There was good competitive tennis on all courts, and some games went to deuce several times before Williston carried the day. While our foot work showed signs of improvement all around, we now look forward to working on ways to improve it even more. In addition, we will analyze and implement some refined skills captured today with our app, Coach’s Eye. We also look forward to hosting this great team at our season ending tournament.

April 22, 2015

Suffield Academy 0

Williston School 7

1. Singles Caitlin Marshall vs. Lord, 2-8

2. Singles Caroline Pape vs. Stein, 0-8

3. Singles Kate Rookey vs. Sierros, 2-8

4. Singles Anna Ortega Grisso, vs. Grany, 1-8

1. Doubles Emma Landis and Annabelle Pape vs. Foster and Borden, 1-8

2. Doubles Chloe Rogalin and Ryder Mosby vs. Iwama and Kim, 3-8

3. Doubles Jules Kim and Abby Mulhern vs. Sheline and Mercier, 2-8


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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