Reflecting on Biblical Allusions and Cultivating an AP Mindset

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.07.58 PMLet’s have each individual student make a connection with his/her specific motif in any Biblical story to the same motif that occurs in an example of American literature. This should be a solid analytical paragraph, which we’ll turn this prose into a blog prompt. As a way to enhance your post, research the web for a famous painting or sculpture of the Biblical story or the scene from American literature. Or you can find an interview (video) of the author discussing that motif or a literary critic discussing the scene. At the end of your blog prompt, you can supply two to three bullet points where this motif repeats in other works of American literature. This will help our readers as they will reflect on other Biblical Allusions; the whole process will help us recall our curriculum in a meaning and productive way. Remember, too, reflect on examples of poetry as examine the field of American literature for Biblical motifs. The Crowsnest writing staff strong suggest that you write a draft in a word document and print it out to proof your prose. Then you can copy and paste your prose into your new post.
You should also wrap all images with text so that your post does not have large blank and white fields.  You can also other types of media; unleashed your creative side. Finally, be sure to select the category AP Mindset. You can also choose other categories and tags you think appropriate for your post.


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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