Varsity Empties Their Tank on Court and Come Up One Match Short

On all eight courts, Suffield players invested great energy and met the team goal of stepping off the bus and stepping on the court mentally and physically ready for a good match today. On all courts, players put forth great effort, had fun, played many games to three to four deuces, and competed really well with a great bunch of friendly competitors from Wilbraham and Munson Academy. Of special note, Chloe and Kate broke through to a solid victory, which was great for their partnership as they have had several very close matches in the recent past. Likewise, Caitlin and Ryder played great singles matches. Caroline also extended great effort against her talented appointment, and though she lost her match, the score did not reveal the close games or the fact that her match lasted the longest due to her resourcefulness to try a variety of shots and strategies. Team shout out goes to Isabel who played a great singles match today!

Suffield Academy vs. Wilbraham and Monson Academy.            May 5, 2015

Suffield 3

Wilbraham 4

  1. Singles Caitlin Marshall vs. Morgan Rodriguez 7-1
  2. Singles Caroline Pape vs. Molly Socha 4-8
  3. Singles Anna Ortegra Grisso vs Emily Dromogold 6-8
  4. Singles Ryder Mosby vs. Mariam Abramian 8-6
  5. Singles Isabel Munoz Sune vs. Carly Brow 0-4
  1. Doubles Emma Landis and Annabelle Pape vs. Rochelle Ferst and Bailey Giese 3-8
  2. Doubles Chloe Rogalin and Kate Rookey vs. Joy Wing and Monica Yoo 8-4
  3. Doubles Jules Kim and Abby Mulhern vs. Risa Fagetsa and Carly Brow 3-8

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