Suffield Academy Girls Varsity Tennis vs. Northfield Mount Hermon

Northfield were friendly hosts on a beautiful warm spring day. Half of their talented squad were seniors, and their experience helped produce excellent doubles play on all three courts. Many games were settled at deuce and after several volleys from both sides. Our volley practice throughout the weekend paid dividends for us to be more consistent at the net and doubles play lasted long enough consider playing presets for singles as well. Suffield girls put forth good effort and produced good singles points. Caitlin’s points averaged 8-10 exchanges. Caroline’s games were equally intense, and she continued to play hard on her calloused feet. Annabelle’s match lasted long as she created more complex points for her opponent and her lob was spot on today in doubles and singles. Anna’s opponent was savvy and hit a variety of shots; consequently Anna played one of her better matches this season. Kate and Chloe played extremely hard during their singles match; they also responded well to playing a great doubles team that included one of the top players in the Northfield line-up. Our post today captures one of the longest rallies from the US Open to help us feel good about the increased consistency in our play and encourage us to reach higher levels. We also look forward to the last week of the season to challenge our juniors to take more of a leadership role as we are mindful that finishing a season in a proud and strong manner also includes ideas about how things will take shape in the 2016 season.

Suffield Academy vs. Northfield Mount Hermon School May 9, 2015

First Doubles
Caitlin Marshall and Caroline Pape vs. Alix H. and Lucy C. 2-8

Second Doubles
Annabelle Pape and Anna Ortega Grisso vs. Fern S. and Gracie S. 2-8

Third Doubles
Kate Rookey and Chloe Rogalin vs. Jackie E. and Lila F. 3-8

1. Caitlin Marshall vs. Jackie E. 1-8

2. Caroline Pape vs.Lucy C. 0-8

3. Annabelle Pape bs. Fern S. 2-8
4. Anna Ortega Grisso vs. Geena H. 2-8

5. Kate Rookey vs. Gracie S. 3-8
6. Chloe Rogalin vs. Anatasia N. 0-8


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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