Williston Take Home the Trophy at the Ninth Annual Suffield Academy Tennis Tournament

2015.Tennis.ResultsWith Aelous out of town for an away match with Zeus, a big shout out goes to all the Suffield Academy maintenance staff members, Wayne Patterson, Sam Blank, Sam Stone, and the other coaches from NMH, Williston, Gunnery, WMA, and Pomfret for using every available leaf blower on campus and court squeegees roller to clear the puddles from the morning rain shower. Play began a little late but proceeded to open up great competition among all the teams today. The day was blended with some girls meeting an opponent for the second time in the season or playing against someone completely new. It was a great day for tennis!

Williston 19

Pomfret 17

Northfield Mount Hermon 16

Gunnery 12

Wilbraham & Monson 0

Suffield 0


For Suffield Academy numbers one singles, Caitlin Marshall played well against a new opponent, a very talented player from Gunnery, and she played a better match against Williston’s number one, Julie Ward, whose strong groundstrokes propelled her to second place on the day. Caroline Pape battled well against her opponents as well as through her foot injuries; she is poised to use the experience of two tournaments to perform better in her senior year. Anna and Annabelle played some very long and competitive doubles points; unfortunately, they fell on the other sides of ad scoring and lost to some solid competition. Chloe Rogalin and Kate Rookey also put together some competitive doubles play against the eventual tournament winners from Williston, Yoongi Kim and Fula Iwama. They also lost a close match against a strong team from Gunnery, 6-8. They are both poised to grow from this first tournament experience and come back stronger next year!


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