Reflect and Explore Another Digital Dimension of Your Term Paper Poet

Collins_Uncat7_Names_Notes_001_300dpiYour Blog Post for your poetry term paper involves reflection. Reflect on your expertise of your term paper poet. What piece of profound research did not complement your thesis yet you want to express here? What media illustrates an interesting point of your thesis yet did not make it into your paper? You can explore any one of these ideas or something completely different. Nevertheless, develop one ideea, one theme, or perhaps one literary term or element of modernism that you enjoyed learning in your research yet left it out of your final draft. Maybe you want to analyze a digital poem of your poet or another type of media that incorporates your poet’s art. And because this is a blog, you should explore the great opportunities of media regarding your 20th century poet. Ask me any questions along the way.

The above image is an archival link from the University of Texas sharing Billy Collins’ notebook with its row long rows of devoted ants: We have not read this together this year. Let’s enjoy it in class and have your aim to make your last prose assessment as clean as possible.

Advice to Writers by Billy Collins

Even if it keeps you up all night,
wash down the walls and scrub the floor
of your study before composing a syllable.

Clean the place as if the Pope were on his way.
Spotlessness is the niece of inspiration.

The more you clean, the more brilliant
your writing will be, so do not hesitate to take
to the open fields to scour the undersides
of rocks or swab in the dark forest
upper branches, nests full of eggs.

When you find your way back home
and stow the sponges and brushes under the sink,
you will behold in the light of dawn
the immaculate altar of your desk,
a clean surface in the middle of a clean world.

From a small vase, sparkling blue, lift
a yellow pencil, the sharpest of the bouquet,
and cover pages with tiny sentences
like long rows of devoted ants
that followed you in from the woods.


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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