Say “a day” without the “ever”

Love is always fantasized to be romantic and eternal. In reality, people are afraid of losing in love. In shakespeare’ s play, characters have their own perspective of love. They tend to fall in love quickly, but often struggle to speak it out because they are afraid of losing. In As you like it, Rosaline fall in love with Orlando at the first sight. Instead of telling him in the first place, Rosaline disguises herself as Ganymede to test Orlando. The following dialogue shows her feeling of love:

“Say “a day” without the “ever.” No, no, Orlando, men are April when they woo, December when they wed. Maids are May when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives. I will be more jealous of thee than a Barbary cock- pigeon over his hen, more clamorous than a parrot against rain, more newfangled than an ape, more giddy in my desires than a monkey. I will weep for nothing, like Diana in the fountain, and I will do that when you are disposed to be merry. I will laugh like a hyena, and that when thou art inclined to sleep. ”


Rosaline doesn’t believe in the word “forever”, nor does she expect her love will be sweet and sound after marriage. On the other hand, she is still hoping Orlando will give her the perfect love. That’ s why she tells Orlando to see his attitude. Rosaline reflects another character in Shakespeare’ s comedies, which is Viola in Twelfth Night. Just like Rosaline, Viola disguises as man to get closer with Orsino, in order to know what he thinks about love.

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  1. bsullivan35 says:

    Fun production you found here. Great connection to Viola as well. Good work!

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