EE Cummings and his Complex Simplicity

CummingsThroughout the history of time, storytellers have always enthralled man with their expertly formed tales, and as time went on, more ways of telling theses stories developed. One of the most artistic of these is poetry. Every country has produced great poets, and as everyone knows it, but one of America’s greatest is EE Cummings. His use of metaphors and allusions allows him to skillfully create images inside of the reader’s mind. He is also able to structure his poems to give additional meaning and create an image that the reader can physically see. Cummings is able to write about complex ideas and powerful topics in a very simple but profound way. He, instead of writing verbiage, he chooses each of his words with great care to keep his poems short, concise, but still extremely influential on American and modern poetry.

EE Cummings reading one of his poems, “Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town”

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One Response to EE Cummings and his Complex Simplicity

  1. Love E E Cummings! “If Feeling is First” is unforgettable 🙂

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