An influential side job

eliot-plaqueBesides being one of the most famous and best poets to ever live, T.S. Eliot was also very active and successful in his original main profession: literary criticism. This was especially interesting and compelling, due to my use of literary criticism about his poems in my term paper. Although I wasn’t able to connect his critics work to my term paper, I was able to take a glimpse into a few of his works and it was astonishing to see how his works in the field of criticism were actually reflected in his poems. This ultimately enhanced my understanding of the theme I explored, because Ibullshit realized that every experience and work in the life of a poet is incorporate and influences his literary works. In the case of T.S. Eliot, his career started with criticism, which made his writing strive even more for perfection and get a little touch of a more modern language. This led him to be the first person to use the word ‘bullshit’, making its début in his 1910 poem, titled “The Triumph of Bullshit”.

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