Founding of Pound Ridge

.         I live on the boarder of Pound Ridge New York and New Canaan Connecticut. Because Pound Ridge has a more interesting history, I chose to write about Pound Ridge. Captain Nathanial Turner purchased Pound Ridge from local Native Americans in the 1640’s. These people were the Siwanoy and Kitchawong, Mohican tribes; a subgroup of the Algonquinans. The name is “from a tribal ‘pound’ or enclosure for game that was on one of the area’s many ‘ridges’” ( This is interesting because it was one of the only lands where the Native Americans were peaceful with the settlers, and where the settlers fairly bought, and not stole, the land that they settled. The Native Americans in this area “let a peaceful life of planting, hunting, and fishing” ( Because of these facts, Pound Ridge is an interesting town that has a rich culture and was one of the few towns in this time that were peaceful with the original occupants, the Native Americans.

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