The Red Onion


In Wethersfield CT, the red onion grew extremely well. This is because of the Connecticut River, which made/makes the soil rich in nutrients and perfect for growing Onions. These Onions grown in Wethersfield would be sent all over. One of the darker destinations for the Onions was in the Caribbean, to be sent to the slaves. At the peak of Onion trade, in the 17th and 18th century, over a million pounds of Onion ropes, annually to the South and West Indies. Apples and other fruits would not make the long journey down to the Caribbean, but the Red Onions would make it. Also they proved to have a good amount of nutritional value in them. People wanted these Onions so badly, it was said they were famous from New York to Bermuda. These Onions were so famous that people started to call Wethersfield “Oniontown”.

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