Women Contradicting Cultural Norms

Anne Bradstreet contradicted the cultural norms in American literature during the 1800s. She did this by taking her consolation not from theology but from her many “wondrous works,” (pertaining to all that she has written), as she wrote, “that I see, the vast frame of the heaven and the earth, the order of all things, night and day, summer and winter, spring and autumn, the daily providing for this great household upon the earth, the preserving and directing of all to its proper end.” The normal thing was to get your consolation from theology, which Anne did not do, instead she got it from her own “wondrous works” which is the stuff she did which clearly contradicted cultural norms. By doing this she separated herself from other American poets in her time. Her work is still attracted to readers now probably because of how confident she was in herself to be the topic of a lot of poetry. A lot of her stuff that is still being read mostly the work she did that reflects her everyday life. Anne refers to heaven a lot in her pieces and how special life really is.anne-bradstreet

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