Use These Two Comma Videos For A Fun Break During Exam Week!

The grammar and usage team in the Crowsnest has been working overtime reviewing great student suggestions from the fall term, and because so much seems to get crammed into the last remaining classes as we venture into upcoming exam week, they were looking for ways to have students take an intellectual break from the somewhat different task of preparing for one subject at a time. That said, a big #ShoutOut goes to Will, Aki, and Cecilia for their past posts that annotated these videos when we first considered flipping our weaknesses with a #GrowthMindset. Reviewing past instructional videos that effectively taught the stated grammar or usage issue, they found these, and the first comma video is now an official “favorite” in the Crowsnest. The other is a close second. For the record, the grammar and usage staff really dislike the Shmoop videos that seem more inclined to distract and delineate other narratives (some about themselves) rather than the targeted one in the title of the video. Moreover, the Shmoop narrator’s point of view often condescends to you, the viewer; this insidious narrator also makes cheap jokes at the expense of modernist literature for its lack of grammar and usage. What’s his goal? Is he jealous of this great literature or is he bitter at explaining these rules again?

Remember also this good video on the Comma? It animated the dynamics of the comma dramatically and sustained a good overall theme about the roles of the comma. Use these videos as a short break throughout the week; maybe it is something you watch after you finish three tasks on your time management list after the first 50 minutes of study hall. Just enjoy learning about commas!


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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