Let’s Have Fun Writing Book Reviews

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I appreciate many ideas about this web site on how to create a book review. The first important point celebrates the brainstorming aspect of writing; you can do this anyway that fits your learning and writing style. I also think the second point is so important for everything we write. Let’s realize that our audience will be our classroom blog. So write for your classmate and write for next year’s student in your shoes who will look over these book reviews before he/she chooses their own book. You probably should not think right now as your ideas are trying to flow about how others on the internet will be reading this piece later. Use that idea of publication to incentivize your energies and efforts into revising your work later. Perhaps the most important suggestion here is to compose as if you were writing to a friend. I use this suggestion with seniors when they are writing their first draft of a college essay. Also follow step number 3. Then reflect on how some of the other points will help you compose a blog post of 7-9 sentences about your book. Draft this prose for our next class, and I will give it a homework grade. Take time now and later to find appropriate media to complement your future prose for this post. Share your enthusiasm for the book. Good luck!



About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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