Animal Farm

images-1.jpg           I reread the novel Animal Farm. This novel is extremely well written for that it is a metaphor describing Russia and all the horrible things that took place during the time of the Russian Communist Movement. It was because of the nature of the topic that Orwell had to say that this novel was a fairy tail, as not to become under the scrutiny of the media and the people of the united states. this is because Russia was an American ally, so because of this, Americans did not want to know of the horrors that took place in Russia. The Americans were willing to overlook the horrors that were taking place during this time, but this novel hit the nail right on its head. This novel illustrates the issues at hand and tells the people what happened through the lives of animals on a farm that they made their own. but the issues do not lose power because they are portrayed through animals because of how well the novel is written. These reasons and more make Animal Farm an amazing novel that illustrates Russia in a dark light and tells the reader about the horrible events that took place.

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