The Morality Lesson from Catching the Wolf of Wallstreet

Catching the Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belford is a thrilling story full of action with a strong moral at its conclusion. The story is a biography about a young Wall Street jockey, Jordan R. Belford, who learns quickly and starts making millions. The story includes action packed scenes of people in Belford’s Wall street office in New York City working like madmen and making tons of money. The story highlights great scenes from Jordan Belford’s extravagant life. The book is also written with an action packed tempo in mind. Every other scene is an outlandish party or feature of Belford’s empire. The story changes half way through to Belford’s downfthe_wolf_of_wall_street_2013_custom-front-www.getdvdcovers.com_all and the main theme of the story becomes evident. The moral of Catching the Wolf of Wall Street is that no matter who someone is or how brilliant one is, cheating and lying will ultimately conquer success. The key aspect of Catching the Wolf of Wall Street compared to other stories with morals is how convincing the story is. Is is common knowledge that adolescents do not like to take advise from their parents or people they consider, “uncool.” Catching the Wolf of Wall Street convinces the reader of the moral by showing Jordan Belford’s legendary life and unmatched genius. As a result of the reader looking up to Mr. Belford, the moral is understood and comprehended by the reader. Overall, the story is an amusing one that teaches an important lesson that readers understand and remember.

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