Thirteen Reasons Why

In the suspenseful drama, Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher describes a story about a teen suicide but has a thrilling plot explaining why. Asher takes the reader through a journey about a boy unraveling the story of why this one girl killed herself and who was involved. Everyone she included on the tapes had affected her in some way to make her take her own life. Once he dives deeper and deeper into the tapes the drama continues as a domino effect that can’t stop, as one reads more they learn more about the story and become more invested with the characters. The events that take place in this book is so addictive that once one picks up the book, one wont be able to put it down until they uncover and reveal all the secrets. This thriller (drama) novel is a great read that will keep one on their toes not knowing what to expect next. I fully recommend this book to anyone and am confident that who ever reads this will be completely satisfied with Asher’s writing. As one learns by reading the book, “You can’t stop the future, you can’t rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret is to press play.”


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