An Entertaining Read the Giver

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.23.46 PMThe Giver by Lois Lowry, written from the point of view of Jonas. Jonas, the protagonist, at age 11 lives with his father and his 7 year old sister. His father works at the department of justice. Living in a futuristic society, that has no more suffering, war, or hatred. There is also very little competition because everyone has the same point of view on everything. There is no choice in this society, and at the age of 11 you are assigned a job which is issued based on his or her abilities or interests. Each child is born to a Birthmother in which they never see an in their first year of life they spend in a nurturing centre with other babies born in the same year. This novel is the complete opposite of realism because there really is no such thing as a perfect society instead this society that they live in is almost perfect and has a constant flow. This book keeps you attached because you constantly want to find out if the perfect society collapses because everyone knows nothing is perfect. The fact that eventually the society will collapse is what keeps readers reading. Lowry ends the novel on purpose in a debatable way, which allows the reader to create their own ending judging the the readers personality.

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