Treasure Map

english project.jpgFor my project on Huckleberry Finn I decided to make a treasure map that starts and guides you through the quotes I chose containing the word “tracks”with arrows that lead to the final quote that I included.  All of the quotes were mainly involved with the speakers own tracks or seeing/ encountering someone else’s tracks. Mostly all of the quotes were pretty self explanatory but the one I liked the most was the one with the “X that marks the spot” (last one). If you really read it you can compare the way Twain writes about Miss Charlotte and her father as himself (Twain) and Shakespeare and how he is like a father figure in his writing career to him. “Tracks” were something in the novel that you had to look for and couldn’t just pick out from reading any certain page, but when you don’t know what you are looking for then whatever it is could be hard to find…

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