Drinking with Twain

In Huck Finn everyone who drinks excessively is forced to live on a day to day lifestyle. Especially with the king and the duke, if no one bought their schemes that day, they may not have had anything to drink that night. While Pap was more focused on the big overall scheme, taking all of Huck’s money. One of the big pros about doing this infographic, was the ability to show how Twain would make fun of the temperance movement. While everyone that is drinking are making fools of themselves, Twain takes this as an opportunity to show how ridiculous the movement is. For this project it was nice to be able to look more into the time period, and to also to be able to look into the hidden plot that Twain placed there. I believe that Twain just used all of this as satire to show how organized government should be staying out of everyday peoples lives.Twain infograph.png

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