Duke Orsino

orsino_400x400In the beginning Duke was not at all expecting his roommate to turn out well when he first got a look at him. Later on things started to change for the better and the views had changed. When Viola revealed herself that’s when everything changed, along with why she acted they way she did. During the beginning Duke thought that “Sebastian” was one of the strangest people he ever met, then saw that he was a ladies man, what he did not expect was Olivia to come in the picture when the real Sebastian came and then learned that Olivia loved Sebastian instead of Duke. In the end it worked out for Duke, because he realized that he had fallen for Viola.

Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/2176746195/orsino_400x400.jpg

Source: http://shestheman.wikia.com/wiki/Duke_Orsino

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