006stm_james_snyder_007-1In the movie She’s the Man, the character Malvolio from Twelfth Night is represented in the form of Malcolm a high school teenager. Although his names has been slightly altered to suit the times they bare many similarities. Malcolm is just as annoying and calculating as Malvolio was in the play. He decides that Sebastian’t what he seems so he makes it his mission to find out what it is and even though Malcolm isn’t as evil as Malvolio, we certainly feel his influence on Malcolm’s character. Malcolm also has a pet spider named Malvolio, which is directly paying homage to the original character. The fact that Malvolio is a spider further cements the fact that he is not every one’s favorite person, because he could have been represented as a dog or maybe even a rabbit which are all go to pets. Malcolm is not as conniving as Malvolio is but we can certainly see the similarities there between the two.

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1 Response to Malcolm/Malvolio

  1. robyn says:

    I never thought that Malvolio was evil. Instead, I thought that Maria and her friends were the villains because they tortured Malvolio psychologically.

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