Ned Alleyn Shakespeare in Love


Ned Alleyn is considered one of theNed Alleyn prominent actors of Shakespeare’s time. He was born the son of a London innkeeper. Alleyn started acting in his late teens when he joined the company: the Earl of Worcester’s Men. The troupe went around the areas outlying London between 1584 and 1585, playing in Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford many times. In 1585 he left Worcester’s Men and moved to London wanting to perform for Elizabeth and her court. Alleyn joined the Admiral’s Men right after entering the city and quickly ascended to the role of principal actor. On October 22, 1592, Ned Alleyn married Joan Woodward, the stepdaughter of theatre owner and patron Philip Henslowe. Once he married her, Alleyn became part owner in Henslowe’s businesses. Henslowe handled all the financial matters and Alleyn managed the theatres and produced the plays. The plague largely affected the amount of plays run but, in late 1593 the current wave of plague had ended, and Alleyn returned to London. The Rose Theatre became the temporary home of the Admiral’s Men, and over the next three years they would produce fifty-five new plays He retired late 1500s and came back out of retirement on the Queen’s request in 1604. He then helped create the college of Dulwich for 35k euros and continued to contribute to the college.


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