Ned Alleyn


Ben Affleck played as Ned Alleyn in “Shakespeare in Love”

Ned Alleyn was more than the best actor of his time, he was a business man and most of all a entrepreneur who was used to getting his way. Ned Alleyn did not need the acting career to inherit or earn a living. He ran a bear-baiting business with His employer-friend, Henslowe, and a few years after they decided to open up a theatre called The Fortune Theatre to rival the Globe Theatre (Shakespeare). Ned Alleyn had to be the very best at everything he ventured into. His attitude towards everything simply was if he was not the best he was going to eventually be or at least in discussion for the best.

Like many of his rivals or close companions Ned Alleyn was all about his money and can be saw through his business ventures from the opening of his Fortune Theatre, running a Bear Baiting business, to acting. He made sure he was always head and if he was not he quickly got form under the person and made his own. When he played a part for Shakespeare he knew he was not the lead and though he went through with the performances he did not stay long as he was not the center of attention.



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