Much Ado About Marlowe

kit marlowe

Marlowe helps Shakespeare with his plot

Christopher “Kit” Marlowe, was known to be an Elizabethan spy during his time and many believe that this led to his death. Kit was stabbed in the temple by a knife by Ingram Frizer in a “lodging house” but research shows that it was most likely a safehouse and Ingram Frizer was also a part of the secret service. His death tried to be covered up by saying that a fight broke out over the bill, but Shakespeare researchers think that it was for his atheist political views and by trying to go against the Queen and creating counterfeit money. With the death because of his political views, it makes sense why Shakespeare tries to cover up his political views in all of his writing. Thanks to Marlowe, Shakespeare was pushed to become such a great playwright, and Marlowe is known as Shakespeare’s predecessor and he is second to only Shakespeare in playwrighting about Elizabethan tragic drama.


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