Viola Hastings


The two identities of Viola Hastings

In the movie, She’s the Man, the director relates the comic plot of Twelfth Night to his own movie. The comic plot of the movie both confirms stereotypes and also destroys them through the character of Viola. Stereotypes are first confirmed when Viola is disallowed to play soccer at her school and when trying to play on the guys team, the coach tells her that girls are not as athletic, fast, or as strong as guys. This proves the typical stereotype of society and Viola destroys these stereotypes. By dressing up like a guy, Viola proves that a woman could be a man and be able to compete as one. She shows her mental toughness through the many challenges she is faced with which many think that a woman would not be able to do. Viola destroys stereotypes and succeeds above all when she scores the game winning goal against the team that would not let her play proving that girls can be as athletic, fast, and strong as guys.


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