Violas’ Sacrifices


tumblr_ndegd0lqI21qj4315o1_500Both Viola from Twelfth Night and Viola from She’s the Man are aware that in order to succeed they, sadly, must be disguised as men. Both Violas give up their identity, easily taking the place of their male counterparts, proving that women are more than capable of doing everything that men can do, even if the people around them don’t think they can. In Viola Hastings’s case, the Women’s Cornwall Soccer Team is cut, Viola attempts to join the Men’s Soccer team but is denied by both the coach and her boyfriend. Determined to prove that is as good as the boys, she takes the place of her brother and tries out for Illyria’s team. She not only makes the team, but is put on the starting line for the opening game against Cornwall, the team that denied her ability to play with them, and ends up winning. Viola proves that she is more than capable of playing with, and beating her male counterparts. Viola Hastings is a replication of Viola from Twelfth Night, a strong female character that disguised herself as a man in order to secure a job in Duke Orsino’s home. She’s the Man follows the path of Twelfth Night, by project strong female characters that are able to do anything male characters can do. I chose this photo because it is a clear example of mistaken identity; the real Viola is showing through her Sebastian disguise. The moment is a comic moment, as her male counterparts don’t know how to react to the fact that their “male” roommate has tampons. Viola, or Sebastian, quickly comes up with a reason for having tampons, he explains that he uses them to stop nose bleeds. 

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