Viola Hastings – She’s the Man

Ngang1In the movie She’s the Man, Viola Hastings is a character of great significance aside from the fact that she is the main protagonist. The content of her personality and character bring life altering perspectives and opinions that in a way we see how the rest of the world around her responds to it positively and negatively. One example is how Viola (or Sebastian) unintentionally wins the heart of Olivia by showing a supposed female perspective to how boys should act. This in turn confirms Olivia’s feelings for him over everyone else. Another instance of the combined feminine and masculine is the fact that women tend to see things more straight then men, who blind themselves to truths like the capability of women. In the very beginning of the film, we find that the Cornwall girls soccer team has been dropped because a lack of players. They go to see about playing with the boys and are turned down based on the thought that girls supposedly have always been inferior so they must be unable still to compete with boys. Evidence proved also that men feel a certain pressure to follow those beliefs when Violas ex-boyfriend initially admits she is better than most the kids on his team but then flip-flops stating that he wasn’t serious. In many real life situations, women had to accomplish feats in order to help men expand their belief of what is true and what is false. Viola ultimately does this by outplaying and scoring the winning goal against Cornwall, in particular her ex-boyfriend, the Cornwall goalkeeper. These are just some of the numerous examples of how a girl, who also happens to like things generally associated with boys, can prove the value and ability of women through their straight forward view as well as combining their feminine preferences and perspectives with those of boys.

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