Burbage and Shakespeare: The Bond Between Two Elizabethan Actors.

Still-from-Shakespeare-in-004Known as one of the greatest actors in Elizabethan theater, Richard Burbage acted for some of the most well know playwrights. He acted in plays by Jonson, Kyd, Beaumont and Fletcher, John Webster, and more importantly Shakespeare. Burbage’s father James Burbage was a well-known entrepreneur working as a playhouse investor. When James died, he passed on all of his fortunes and playhouses to his sons. Along with his brother; Richard Burbage built the Globe, keeping half their shares, giving the rest to Shakespeare and the King’s Men. Richard Burbage also owned the Blackfriars Theater where he split the shares; also with Shakespeare. The reason Richard and Shakespeare did so much business together was because they were dear friends. Shakespeare and Burbage worked together constantly to develop new plays while focusing how to make money out of it. When Shakespeare died, he left Richard Burbage money to buy a mourning ring in his memory. This proves the strong career, acting , and friendship bond Shakespeare and Burbage had.

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