Let’s Leverage Our Shakespeare Knowledge

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We learned a great deal about Shakespeare’s language, life, and comic genius. In fact, our ability to recognize his comic patterns helped improved our understanding of his plays and language. While we agree that this is a good and informative Wikipedia page for the movie, Ten Things I Hate About You, we also know that our class can collectively make meaningful additions here. So, let’s add what we know to this public online site about the movie we enjoyed as a class. How else can we add intellectual insights to this page? What comic patterns do we notice with these talented screenplay writers who collaborate so successfully on comic plots? How can we source those insights from JSTOR or other reliable, academic sources? Feel free to cross-reference other key scholars in our class Twitter account: @The_Wit_of_Will In the meantime, be useful and kind regarding your contributions in the Google Doc. that will help facilitate our work.

Have fun!


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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