Sharing Your Expertise Evolves into Creative Assessment Opportunity


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Khan Academy

Create a blog post with this content first. We will use class time on Wednesday to add the content to Wikipedia. Let’s have everyone in our class review the Wikipedia page of his/her term paper poet. What do you think is missing in terms of intellectual content on your term paper poet’s page? Your reflections and subsequent suggestions can be in various formats on the Wikipedia page. Be creative with your thinking. Scrutinize first to see where and how your critic’s (as well as other critics you reviewed before finalizing on your one critic) insight(s) may be excellent additions to the poet’s page. You can and should cite JSTOR (supply working hyperlink) for your claims in this respect; likewise, any online and reputable web page that hosts your critic’s article will work. Then observe how some complex pages have many links and assets in the “Further Reading” or “External Links” categories. What can you add here? How can you leverage your expertise and complement these lists? Perhaps your poet’s page is lacking in some other respects. Here’s where you can add information and content. Then reflect on your proficiency of your poet’s life and work before you prioritize the important content to add next. Enjoy this!

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