William Carlos Williams Wikipedia Addition

The following is to be added to the “Poetry” section of Williams’s wikipedia article:

Throughout his poems, Williams celebrated the simple aspects of life – landscapes, changing seasons, baseball games, etc. His appreciation of simplicity in life was apparent in his works, particularly in his use of minimalistic form and an observational tone. His use of short lines and little punctuation contributes to this form. Moreover, he chooses not to analyze the imagery that he describes in his poems; rather, he observes it for what it is. This is apparent in the short lines and raw imagery of “The Red Wheelbarrow”:

so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white


Finally, Williams was extremely flexible with his means, as he wrote both poetry and prose, choosing whichever was best for the scene he was depicting. As Linda Welshimer Wagner writes in The Bulletin of the Midwest Modern Language Association, “It is almost as if Williams – confronted as he was with so many things, people, situations, and, perhaps, morals – could not find time to distinguish among his means, in his vehement effort to speak truly” (143). In short, Williams truly appreciated simplicity in life, and he expressed it though his poetry.

Wagner’s article, “William Carlos Williams: The Unity of his Art,” can be found here.

Image Source: http://www.litkicks.com/WilliamCarlosWilliams

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