Religion and Langston Hughes Wikipedia

Religion (New Section):Christ in Alabama

Religion is an important aspect represented in Langston Hughes work, but for a large part is mainly forgotten or ignored due to the fact that most people focus on his political and racial views. In the 1920s -1930s, America as a nation was extremely religious. Hughes used this deep belief in God to drive across points about racism. He used Christ’s plight and compared it to the plight of African Americans. One of his poems “Christ in Alabama” contained the opening line of “Christ is a nigger” (Hughes 1). This caused an outrage among the general public, as they refused to allow the assumption the be made that the pain they inflicted onto the African Americans through segregation or abuse was anywhere close to the Jews treatment of Christ. “A Song For a Dark Girl” was another poem that contained controversial religious issues. Langston used the term “white Lord Jesus” in this poem indicating that racism was basically saying there was a different god for each race (Hughes 7). Hughes used religion as a tool to grab people’s attention and try and make them see the injustice of segregation.

External Links: Culp, Mary Beth. “Religion in the Poetry of Langston Hughes.” Phylon (1960-) 48.3 (1987): 240-45. Web.


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