Robert Frost and Importance of Nature

Robert Frost’s Wikipedia page mostly focuses on biographical information about events in his life. While this information is very important because of how it contributes to his works, the page fails to include much about the themes of his poetry itself. One of the most significant elements of Frost’s poetry is his emphasis on nature and how it reflects human experiences while symbolizing deeper themes. More specifically, Frost often uses the seasons and the transitions among them to represent other themes. The majority of Frost’s poems include nature in some way, and these references can be analyzed to find other dimensions to the works. It is an aspect that makes Frost unique, and it ties easily into his biography because it elaborates on the importance of his surroundings, especially while he was living in New Hampshire. I would add more information about Frost’s use of nature symbolism in his poetry under the “Style” and “Themes” sections on his Wikipedia page because it is necessary in order for a reader to understand what his poems are trying to convey.

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