T.S. Eliot’s Wikipedia Editing

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  • Move “Conversion to Anglicanism and British Citizenship” to before “Teaching, Lloyds, Faber and Faber”.
  • Put “Separation and Remarriage” as a sub-subcategory of “Marriage”.
  • Put “Awards” as a subcategory of “Death and Honours”.



  • Add McCombe’s theory on Eliot’s Cleopatra Obsession in “Responses to His Poetry” and discuss some textual evidence.
  • Discuss how “for Eliot, Cleopatra is no wielder of imperial power. Rather, Eliot casts Cleopatra in a subject position within an early-twentieth-century Orientalist discourse. In such a system, Cleopatra possesses a devouring sexuality that must be contained through a discourse that ‘knows’ her and thus diminishes her power. Such a colonizing move links Eliot’s Cleopatra references – in both his poems and essays – to contemporary English political discourses surrounding the “problem” of Egypt and allows the expatriate American to position himself more securely in the center of a literary and cultural tradition at a time when he often viewed himself as a foreigner or ‘metic.'”(McCombe, 23).
  • Add more information to “Influence” section based on reactions to Eliot’s poetry.



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