A Reference to The Scarlet Letter

I found a reference to the story, The Scarlet Letter, while I was watching a show called Grey’s Anatomy. The clip is from the new season they released a couple weeks ago, Season Thirteen, Episode Two. Before you watch the amazing clip, here is some background information. A character named Karev is dating a woman named Wilson. They had a few arguments and Wilson had gone to the bar. Wilson’s friend named DeLuca meets her there and takes her home safely due to the number of drinks she consumed. As DeLuca helps Wilson onto her bed, he falls onto her and Karev also enters the apartment at the same moment. DeLuca is furiously beaten by Karev, and he is eventually taken to the hospital by Karev after he cools down. Wilson, who forgets the scenario due to the drinks she had, was told what had happened and now everyone at the hospital, where she, DeLuca, and Karev all work, treat her differently. Wilson quickly becomes the central topic of all of the gossip that spreads among the hospital employees. She feels secluded from everyone else just like Hester did when she revealed her baby to the Puritan society in which she lived in. Hester felt trapped in this sin that she committed, and so she felt the need to remove herself from society by living on the outskirts of town. Wilson also eradicates herself from her fellow employees and friends by tormenting herself with guilt about the beating of DeLuca by Karev. Even though The Scarlet Letter and Grey’s Anatomy were written more than a hundred-sixty years apart, references to the story can be found in many other modern books and shows. Thank you for reading and enjoy the clip!

Enjoy the clip!

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