Massasoit and the Key Relationship

The natives of North America have always played a huge role in American history. They were living in the land a while before the incoming settlers, dating back to 12,000 years when they first crossed North America. Therefore, when people arrived and tried to settle on the Natives’ land, it was it always easy welcoming them. For example, Plymouth was not the first English colony, and Pilgrims weren’t the first to settle. The Natives treated earlier settlers quite differently than they did the pilgrims. Giovanni de Verranzo, an Italian in command of a French ship, called Maine “The Land of Bad People,” due to the behavior of the natives that lived there. Their brutal behavior was shown to Verranzo when he brutally killed by natives on his voyage back to America in 1526. However, when the pilgrims arrived, there wasn’t much to even no tension at all between the them and the natives. The Native American tribe that stands out the most are those of the Wampanoag tribe. When the Wampanoags met the pilgrims in 1620, they treated them well. They were

massaoitled by Massasoit Ousamequin, a man with an incredible background tale. He was known for being a very kind and courageous man. Massasoit even gave the pilgrims gifts and many other items when they first arrived to show welcome. He was the perfect example of a true leader. What was the reasoning for this drastic change of behavior between the natives and the settlers? Timing and certain actions may be important causes of these different relationships between the settlers and the Native Americans. He helped develop a complex history for North America and his fellow Natives. Massasoit created a great reputation between himself and fellow settlers. He took part in a peace treaty with the Pilgrims and even allied with the English to create a powerful relationship. The stereotype of Native Americans and settlers not getting along is clearly broken here through these actions. The history of American Natives is an important subject in American history, and it is a key theme in drafting our version of the Norton Anthology Volume A. In closing, it is also vital to American history in the aspect of relationship and sharing what you have with others, and Massasoit and other Native Americans did just to help North America flourish into what it is today.





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