The witness of American history: New England timber


lumberjacks in New England


New England timber

As an international student studying in Connecticut, I am really interested in the history of New England. After reading page 23 to 25 of the book American Canopy, I have got a better understanding of the early history of New England and how its history relates to the trees. There was a huge amount of timber involved in making ships and trades. At the colonial times, English people found the great natural source in America, and trees are a part of it. Compared to taking the timber back to their home country, they preferred to make the timber into ships.


Ship building in New England

However, the ship manufacturing caused a big problem to England. Not only did the timber workers and ship makers had huge wages for England government to pay, but also the ships could not be sold. As a result, the New England colony had got a big amount of debt at that time. The need of selling ships and timber promoted New England to find new trading partners, which England did not want to deal with. This is one essential reason that New England wanted to be separate from its home country, which is a significant part in American history and the independence of this country. After getting independent, America traded New England’s timber with Europe countries a lot. America also benefited a lot by getting the slaves, food, and money, which is also related to some of the essential events and history in this country. All in all, it is always a shocking fact to me that the big amount of timber and the trees means so much to this country I am studying in. The trees are not only something that physically exist, but also a represent of whole America’s history and culture.1d Boston-Tea-Party_print2.jpg

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One Response to The witness of American history: New England timber

  1. maxwiener18 says:

    Great job Tony! Your blog post gave me a true insight to the importance of lumber during the colonial era. One thing that I liked that you did was emphasize the need of ships, were of course made out of wood. The use of ships basically were the primary reason as to why the Europeans arrived in the colonies, and without them we wouldn’t be here. Ships began to hurt the economy too, which I didn’t know. People began to scramble to sell ships and make a profit, and it wasn’t working out for them. One thing that you could’ve done more of is talk more about timber exploitation, and not so much about ships. Very nice job!

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