Trees Are Important in History

Unknown-1.jpegTrees are very important in the history; the beginning story of people does not have so many tools unearthed. So, people used the trees to create a variety of tools, such as articles for daily use, boat and house. In the beginning people depend on trees very much, so that people from cutting trees. Where the trees had been excessive deforestation. Until the law released out. People from excessive cut down trees.

How easy it is to forget that much of American history has been difined by trees…

“But Verrazzano’s observation is high praise, for there is simply nothing else in nature quite as helpful to man as a tree.

At that time, people usually make money by tourist industry and trees. If people can’t fell trees, they could not make any money. At the beginning , people still can not accept this law, but if they still fell trees they will need to pay penalty. Although they are very reluctant to but they can only be done this way. The law although is a very big shock to the local economy but also protect the tress.

Later, People needs more wood to fire, make house and glass. So they start to have a trade with other country to get more wood. That improved the relation ship with other country.

Trees is really important in history. When they protect trees is also in the protection of history.

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