Misfit Character


In Sixteen Candles by John Hughes, a sophomore in high school, Samantha (Molly Ringwald) turns sixteen and has very high pre-expectations of her birthday. As nothing is going her way, she continuously gets distracted by and interrupted by a stereo-typical, freshman nerd who is known as “The Geek”. He plays the role as a misfit character. He he is always putting himself in awkward positions and says painfully, embarrassing things to people who are “more popular” than he in the high school. He makes the viewers laugh for multiple reasons, his actions and comments are embarrassing, funny and awkward. Interestingly, they are even relatable. The way he dresses and acts resembles an ‘80’s high school nerd, and for the viewers today, that is comical.

Furthermore, the film is a coming of age comedy that show cases all different personalities and characters that can be relatable to the viewers and how their high school experience might have been. The main character, Samantha has just turned 16 and is going through emotionally charged events that an average 16-year-old girl would experiencing. She has been having a horrible birthday with high expectations and is constantly being interrupted by the misfit character, The Geek. Their different interactions are comical to the viewers. Throughout the movie, The Geek constantly miss reads Samantha, and thinks that she likes him, so he continues to flirt with her. It is clear to the viewers that The Geek is socially awkward, yet he has so much hope in his flirtatious conversations. . An example would be when Samantha continues to try to hang out with her crush, and The Geek continues to try to hang out with Samantha, yet it all turns around with a very unexpected outcome. The Geek ends up hanging out with the most beautiful and popular girl in school, and Samantha ends up being with her crush who is the hottest guy in school.

Sixteen Candles portrays an excellent misfit character from the 80’s when social life was not revolving around technology. The film is comical, embarrassing and an exciting coming of age love story. The film can be relatable to all ages because it is about a high school experience, and everyone can relate to one character or another. Misfit characters are written into most plays, books, television programs, and films because it adds a comical effect to the overall message that the director is trying to portray.


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