The Viking Floki: A Misfit in Ancient Times

A tall skinny man is seen in the distance. This man wears some type of war paint with tattoos across his body.

This being seems to radiate an offsetting theme. This man is named Floki. Historical fiction writers utilize Floki from the history channels “Vikings” as a misfit. Before explaining this character, I find it prudent to at least state the importance of the time period this show is set in. Superstition and rather unscientific views on things is rather common in this show so seeing someone who is a misfit compared to all these people is quiet unique for us modern users. The characteristics that truly make him outlandish to the others have to do with his mental state and religious beliefs. Floki is a loud-mimages-1.jpgouthed zealot who constantly says what is on his mind. Floki actually killed a man because he though he saw a sign from the gods. It is illegal to kill another Viking and should come with some type of mental problem. However since the man was technically a Christian he was excused. This man lives on the outskirts of his village and only has his wife to keep him company. In public he commonly is slightly strange, choosing to usually talk about the gods. Though this man is said to be mad by some, the things he says almost always has significant meaning. When discussing the relations with other kingdoms, Floki always seems to know what people are hiding or what their true objective is. Some may consider this man different or weird but what is actually learned from him is what makes Floki important. Like Shakespeare this fool always has the most important information to give.


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