Too Smart To Be Normal (Sherlock Holmes BBC)

Sherlock Holmes in the BBC TV series is a fairly obvious misfit amongst other characters in the show. He has immense brain power and analytic skills, thus deeming everyone else inferior to him. Others call him a crazy psychopath, but he identifies himself as a high functioning sociopath. He is unable to sustain a healthy friendship or any relationships, and instead he isolates himself. His level of personality and smart mind is very rare throughout the show, and this contrast makes making him a misfit. His approach to anything is so unique from everyone else`s, whether its freezing disembodied limbs in his fridge, or having toxic chemicals casually left around the house, or fire his pistol at his apartment wall when he is bored. His deduction skills are what makes him stand out the most from the ordinary people, since he can tebbc-sherlockll a person`s life story from their outfit.  Unlike the traditional detective methods, Sherlock handle his cases with innovated, but questionable techniques. Sherlock is the perfect misfit for the city of London, utilizing his distinct methods to solve crimes while not accepting a penny for his good deed. Sherlock`s partner Dr. John Watson act as the “norma
l” person, and help viewers easily contrast the two of them. Its most certain that Sherlock is slowly turning Dr. Watson into a misfit as well.


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