Michael from The Office -idiotic misfit

My favorite comic show is The office. In my opinion the misfit can be a person who is poorly adapted to a situation or social environment. The characters are so unique and have very specific quirks, such as Michael Scott, who is a manager in the office. His characteristics are so unique, and he’s unbelievably embarrassing. The audience spends most of the episode cringing at his idiotic decisions. Michael doesn’t have other skills except the masterful salesmanship management. Even though he has really low productivity in his workplace, particularly Michael plans his private interest in the first place over his work, such as to celebrate the birthday of his friends or his own birthday. Also if he makes foolish behavior during the work, that he often finds employees to become his scapegoat to cover his mistakes. While Michael’s likes to make jokes around his cooperative partner and his colleagues in the show, sometime the joking changing to the silly conversations, but he also can say the truth of the matter. Also he likes to remembers people awkward to create nicknames such as “fatso” and “baldy”. When Michael even looks like a man without ability, he still makes people surprising of his insight and is shown to have a kind heart to the people who work with him in the office. Also the Scranton branch is why Michael stayed, and that is the best performing company.


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