Misfit Character – Janice

One of my favorite shows is Friends. All throughout the nine seasons, Janice has been my favorite Misfit character. She has been in and out of a relationship with Chandler who has been hating and loving her on and off which made her position in their life unstable; every time she showed up again was a surprise. Chandler’s friends have always been judging her and never included her in their group even though she tried her best to be liked by them. Even when Chandler and Janice were about to get married, the friends had to act like they liked her, there was always a sense of her being an outsider. They made fun of her for the way she dressed, talked, looked, acted and her background. Janice tried very hard to become a part of the friend group which only made it worse and drew her father away from getting closer to them. When Rachel was pregnant with her first child, Janice and her ironically end up in the same delivery room for hours, which you would assume would make two women who are sharing this experience become at least acquaintances. Instead, everyone started hating Janice even more for being loud and obnoxious. One of the funniest scenes in the whole series, was when Chandler (ex-boyfriend) and Monika were at a restaurant that he booked weeks in advance where he was he was going to propose to Monika, they ended up sitting next to Janice and her new boyfriend and Janice asked to have the tables put together and it ruined the engagement. Janice is an interesting character to analyze as a misfit character.


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