Who is considered a misfit? Someone who looks unlike? Someone who acts different? An outsider? Sheldon Cooper, I believe, is a perfect fit for a misfit. Sheldon is a physicist, the main character, in The Big Bang Theory, an American Sitcom, written by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. Some knows Sheldon as a clever fool and other view him just as a fool. Although Sheldon has an extremely high IQ as to be called prodigy, his lack of compassion, arrogance and his excessive love for superheroes characterize him as a misfit. His peculiar characteristic is more illuminated with his roommate Leonard Hofstadjim-parsons-sheldon-cooper-big-bang-theoryter. Unlike Leonard who portrays a normal college student, Sheldon has his own rules in everything such as always having to ask “how are you” whether or not one simply cares or when knocking on the door, one is required to repeat three times of “knock knock knock” and the name. Sheldon always wears a shirt covered with images of superhero logos. Like a 5-year-old kid, he tries to act like a superhero and shoot beams. Sheldon’s peculiar behavior of perfectionist, exaggerated smartness, and arrogance characterize Sheldon as the Misfit.

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