Richard Burbage: “The Theatre” Owner


“I have the theater Shakespeare has the play”

Richard Burbage in the movie Shakespeare in Love acts as one of Shakespeare’s rival and as a savior for Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet. At first Richard Burbage and Shakespeare start from allies as Burbage hands money to Shakespeare to write a play for him. However, after meeting Viola de Lesseps, Shakespeare betrays Burbage and starts writing his own plays. Even after being betrayed, when Shakespeare is in trouble after Viola is caught as a girl, Burbage enters the scene as the savior as he stated in the picture above.


Chandos Portrait of Shakespeare

Although only a little background information about Richard Burbage is shown in the scene, Richard Burbage, along with his father and brother, were actual historical people during the time period. His brother Cuthbert Burbage being the greatest actor of the time, and his father James Burbage who founded the first theater, The Theatre. He was a famous theatrical entrepreneur. Richard Burbage not only was a famous actor of English Theatre but also was a greatly named painter. He painted a famed portrait of Shakespeare named “Chandos Portrait”.

Richard Burbage’s passion for acting allowed him to devote his all time as an actor with some of his interest in painted as he remained as historically famous until his death at the age of 52 in 1619. Richard Burbage was buried beside the theatre, The Theatre, which again was the first theatre that his father, James Burbage, found.

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