Risking Life for Love

maxresdefaultViola de Lesseps is a fictional character in Shakespeare in Love who personifies the love of theatre. Viola has a genuine interest in theater and would risks her life to become an actress, even though a woman is not permitted to be in on stage. With the help of her nurse, Viola dresses as a boy, Master Thomas Kent, to audition and gets a leading role in Shakespeare’s upcoming play. However, Shakespeare finds out her real identity falls deeply in love with her. Shakespeare’s relationship with Viola directly inspires him to write Romeo and Juliet. However, Viola was exposed onstage causing the tumblr_m798eagh7p1qg2hjto1_500Rose theater to close. Though her dreams are crushed, Viola continues to love theater and memorize the play while crying in her room. After her marriage with Lord Wessex, Viola receives news that Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet is now playing at the Curtain Theatre. She escapes the carriage with the distraction of her nurse and heads to the Curtain theater. When she arrives, Henslowe breaks the news that there is no Juliet as Sam’s voice has cracked. Thankfully, Viola has the play memorized and replaced Sam right before he goes on to the stage. Though she was forced to move to Virginia with Lord Wessex afterward, Viola became an actor as she dreamed.

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