The Spy of Shakespeare

Kit Marlowe is the other significant author during Shakespeare rise to fame. At one point Shakespeare actually says he is Marlowe because of how famous he has become. This


Angus McBride

shows the importance of Marlowe in Shakespeare’s life. Though it is said that Marlowe was actually a spy and collected Intel for the English crown. Kit went to Cambridge where he got his degree in the arts and was recruited to be a spy by the government at the time. It actually allowed him to graduate because of his frequent absences from class. Shakespeare would not pursue a spy life style like Marlowe, but Marlowe would inevitably get in trouble. First he was arrested for potentially being an atheist and released soon after. Finally Marlowe was killed over an argument at the bar over the bill. There is obviously speculation on his death and this has lead to conspiracy theories. At some points in the film they even say that Marlowe gave Shakespeare inspiration to write some of his plays. It was what got Shakespeare out of the rut he was in with Romeo and Juliet.

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